Rothrock’s Advantage: Our Design/Build Approach

Anytime you undertake a remodeling or renovation project you can expect a little chaos in your life. All of a sudden you have contractors scheduling times to be at your house, deliveries being made on a regular basis, and workers in and out of your home. At Rothrock Renovation & Remodeling, we understand how the process can be a hassle. That’s why we do our best to make things go as smoothly as possible during the entire remodeling process. One way we do that is through our unique Design/Build approach to renovations.

With our Design/Build approach, we serve as your designer and builder all in one. Rather than having to work multiple people and many different schedules, we do it all, from start to finish. With more than 30 years of experience in building and remodeling, Zack Rothrock brings his expertise to each project, helping you create the design you want to build the new addition you’re envisioning, as well as helping choose the right materials to make the new space the best it can be.

Other benefits of the Design/Build approach include:

Fixed Pricing

Rather than having to work with estimates and worry about overages, we give you an all-inclusive quote at the very beginning. We’re able to do this in part because of our extensive knowledge of the work, our long-standing relationships with sub-contractors and our years of experience with remodeling projects. Having a set price makes it easier on you to budget for the project and to apply for a loan if necessary.

One Point of Contact

Working solely with Zack Rothrock rather than numerous architects, designers and sub-contractors streamlines your communications and helps you make sure your project meets your goals. This process eliminates the blame-shifting often found in the traditional approach, where schedules get delayed and one sub-contractor blames another rather than taking responsibility. This one point of contact approach also helps foster teamwork and collaboration between you, the client, and Zack Rothrock. This ensures that you get what you want with your building project.

Quicker Delivery

The one point of contact with the Design/Build approach helps ensure the project stays on schedule and moves smoothly from one stage of the process to another. Work is done more efficiently and at a faster pace than with at traditional approach.

Rothrock Renovation & Remodeling takes a 7-step process in the Design/Build approach, working directly with you during each stage of the process to ensure your needs are being met. Through open communication and complete transparency, we help collaborate with you to make your building dreams come true.

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